Best LegalZoom Alternative

Looking For The Best LegalZoom Alternative in 2019?

The Best LegalZoom Alternative

If you are in the market for law services and you’ve come across LegalZoom in your research then you’ve come to the right place to find the best LegalZoom alternative.  You’ve probably already learned that there are some upsides and some downsides of working with LegalZoom.  

LegalZoom reviews vary widely, but most people who are seeking a good alternative to LegalZoom are looking for a higher level of customer service and hands on experience. That is why we’ve created a list of alternatives below that will help you decide which alternative to choose for your next legal project. 

Note:  This article is not legal advice

Please use this as general information, not as legal advice. It is provided for informational purposes only and is meant to assist you and your organization compare options. We encourage you to work with a legally qualified professional to discuss your options further.

What is LegalZoom?

LegalZoom is a unique online business that provides a marketplace for different legal documents ranging from wills and powers of attorney, to articles of incorporation, trademarking and contracts. This market caters to both individuals and businesses and its purpose is to provide an inexpensive alternative to hiring a lawyer to prepare your legal documents for you.

How does LegalZoom work?

LegalZoom is less expensive than traditional law services and they can afford to charge less because they use boilerplate templates for the documents they provide to their clients.  These templates are filled in by the client rather than by a lawyer which allows LegalZoom to employ fewer individuals to do the manual work associated with contract creation.

What LegalZoom does not provide is an individual lawyer to look after your legal matters.  LegalZoom has a subscription plan that includes a certain amount of time each month you can spend talking to a lawyer about your legal questions, but that lawyer is not your personal lawyer and is instead a lawyer trained to answer standard legal enquiries.

The 4 Best LegalZoom alternatives:

  1. 1
    Online legal marketplaces
  2. 2
    Hybrid legal marketplaces
  3. 3
    DIY legal sites
  4. 4
    Hiring a lawyer

1. Online Legal Marketplaces

Online legal marketplaces are similar to LegalZoom, but they are organized differently and they have different pricing structures. One site may charge a monthly fee for legal services and another may charge a flat fee for each service on their menu of services. 

What they all have in common though is that they do not provide actual legal advice, but just provide legal documents and filings using boilerplate templates that generate a document for the end user after inputting the required information.  You will find that many of the online legal marketplaces are cheaper than LegalZoom as well making them appealing to people who are on a budget.


Incfile is an online service that assists individuals in filing important legal documents for their business. Incfile is limited to business filings and does not include individual documents as well.

Swyft Filings

Swyft filings is another business filing website that allows you to incorporate your business and manage important aspects of that business online.

Law Depot

Law Depot is an online legal document generator.  You must fill in the important information and then you can download either free or premium version of your documents.


Farewill is an online legal marketplace that focuses on wills and probate. If you were looking for legal documents for business this would not be the site you would want to use because it is designed for individuals in the UK who want to draft a will.

Gust Launch

Gust launch is a Software as a Service platform for the founders of startups to help them incorporate their business and keep track of important accounting and legal filings. Gust launch is different from many of the other marketplaces because it incorporates other aspects of the business together aside from just legal.  Gust launch is limited to the legal paperwork and filings associated with the corporate documentation of a startup and it does not include all of the different contracts and legal advice needed to successfully operate a business.

2. Hybrid Legal Marketplaces

Hybrid legal marketplaces are exactly like LegalZoom. These marketplace include an ‘a la carte’ menu, but they also provide the ability to pay for legal advice. These hybrid marketplaces give a more personalized experience than their counterparts. They still provide legal document templates but they can sometimes be customized further and you can find a lawyer who can explain the documents to you and answer your legal questions.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is the main LegalZoom competitor and is an example hybrid legal marketplace. Rocket Lawyer has been around almost as long as LegalZoom and it charges a monthly service that includes certain documents and also includes a discount on legal advice from Rocket Lawyer online lawyers.

3. DIY Legal Sites

DIY legal sites are exactly what they sound like. These are sites for people who like to do it themselves and feel confident that they can take care of their legal needs without the help of a lawyer or a legal document marketplace. 


Is an online platform for sharing legal documents with the world. You can find legal documents for every industry and for most use cases. This site is great for people who are just starting out and can’t afford a service like LegalZoom or hiring a lawyer. This site does not provide legal advice on any of the documents provided though so the documents can be used at your own risk only, and may leave your company unprotected.

4. Hiring a lawyer

Contract, freelance and law firms lawyers give the most personalized experience, but they can also be cost prohibitive if they are structured in a more traditional fashion. They are still the best choice overall for safeguarding your business and if you are smart you can find a good lawyer who works fast and efficiently, which can save you money in the long run.

Law Firms and Contract Lawyers

Law firms and contract lawyers have worked much the same for hundreds of years using the same basic legal business model.  These lawyers charge an hourly rate for their services and their prices increase with seniority and reflect the overall cost of overhead associated with their law firm or business.  

This pricing structure is difficult for business planning because the cost of lawyer fees are hard to forecast and may fluctuate wildly based upon the current need for legal advice. They provide a high level of customized service which comes at a cost but you can rest assured that they will provide you with sound legal advice.

Freelance Lawyers 

A freelance lawyer  is a contract lawyer  that works for themselves, or serves as their own agency. Freelance lawyers have a wide range of skills but usually specialize in a handful of skills that they offer their clients at a reasonable price.  

These types of lawyers don’t have to deal with the overhead that law firms deal with and in turn they can pass on those savings to their clients. They provide a high level of customized service and usually provide sound legal advice equal to their law firm counterparts. If you do your research and get good referrals or references a freelance lawyer can be just as effective as a law firm.

So what is the best LegalZoom alternative?

Best LegalZoom Alternative: Freelance Lawyer

When searching for the best LegalZoom alternative you will find that the least expensive choice overall will be legal marketplaces. Be careful though, because although going with a discount law service like LegalZoom may cost less up front, it can cost you more in the long run. Having to deal with unforeseen and unplanned legal issues can start to add up over time and can far exceed the cost of hiring a lawyer in the beginning for a more personalized service.

That is why hiring a freelance lawyer like Renata Valkova of is the best LegalZoom alternative over all.  Freelance lawyers provide a more personalized service and reasonable price, and their innovative legal business model makes them more flexible than their law firm counterparts. Freelance lawyers are the best of both worlds because they operate with minimal overhead in comparison to lawyers at big law firms so they can pass on some savings to their clients. 

This makes the cost of working with a freelance lawyer more comparable to using a service like LegalZoom. Price is not the main advantage of a freelance lawyer over LegalZoom though. Freelance lawyers have a much higher level of customized service and flexibility than LegalZoom and its other alternatives, and are therefore the best choice overall to make.

Speak to a freelance lawyer today

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